About Us

AdrianaOnline is a family owned and operated luxury retailer based in Lugano, Switzerland.


Founded by the Petrini Family, Adriana Online aims to deliver an outstanding customer experience through solid brand selection and customer service; leveraging between latest technologies and old fashioned real life human interaction.


At Adriana Online Family comes first.


Our family is made of our customers, employees, partners and all those which help us grow our business with passion, talent and integrity.


AdrianaOnline offers a selection of renowned and upcoming designers, with a strong commitment in bringing you apparel that not only looks amazing, it feels incredible too.


If you are passionate about fashion and demand highest quality in materials, production and service, AdrianaOnline might be your perfect fit.  


We built AdrianaOnline with heart, passion and thoughtfulness.
Enjoy your boutique!

Matteo Petrini

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, Adriana really exists!

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